Creative Technologist.

Shane Ducksbury.

A Few Of My Projects


  • React
  • NestJS
  • minIO
  • MUI
  • TypeORM

fotostash is a minimal web based photo album. Users can upload and view their images, and sort them into albums. fotostash is built to be a self-hostable, open source alternative to products such as Google Photos and Apple Photos.

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Transit Junction

  • Mapbox GL
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Python

Transit Junction is a data visualisation allowing a user to playback real time transit data for Sydney's bus network.

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  • Angular
  • SpringBoot
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Cloudfront
  • Heroku

A serverless cloud video streaming platform built for the cloud. Using AWS, Angular and SpringBoot, I've built an application for users to upload and view video. Video is stored, transcoded and delivered entirely from AWS.

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  • React
  • Express
  • Node
  • Scss
  • Bulma

BrightMind is a simple journaling app, built in React and using Express as an API. The deployment was automated using GitHub Actions and Docker.

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Churchill House

  • HTML
  • CSS

Created as an assignment for a Front End Web unit, the Churchill House site is a HTML and CSS site only, designed to delivering information in a clean and informative way. A strong focus was placed on semantic HTML in this project.

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  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Figma

PassPie is a set of HTML Wireframes designed to appeal to a user's emotions and encourage use of password managers.

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A Little About Me

Hi, I'm Shane 👋

I'm a creative technologist, someone who bridges the gap between design and development.

I'm passionate about designing great user experiences which reduce friction and solve problems, and then bringing them to life using code.

I have a degree in Interaction Design and have worked in a number of product, design and development roles, including as a UX and UI Designer, Web Developer and Technical Writer.

Here are some of the languages and tools I work with:

  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • HTML / CSS / Sass
  • Node / NPM
  • Python
  • Bash
  • Docker
  • Git
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My Relevant Experience


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    Some Things I've Written

    Redis vs Memcached

    Caching is an important step in increasing the performance of many applications. In this article I compare Redis and Memcached.

    Exploring the Power of Logstash

    Logstash is a tool for sending logs to Elasticsearch. In this post I learn how it works and map live satellite location data directly onto a heatmap.

    Elastic Beats and Where They Fit With ELK Stack

    Using Docker and Elastic Beats I push live satellite data from dozens of satellites into OpenDistro for Elasticsearch.

    Running A Prometheus Server on AWS ECS

    In this blog post I detail how to create a custom Prometheus container and configuration to run on AWS ECS.

    Want to contact me?

    Drop me an email

    [email protected]